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Early Career Framework Update

*Please note the deadline for applications for the ECF Expansion project has now passed.*

The Red Kite Teaching School Hub is pleased to announce our partnership with Ambition Institute to deliver the Early Career Framework expansion to our region.

In this exciting partnership, Red Kite TSH will deliver the ECF training which Ambition have created to Early Career Teachers and Early Career Mentors at no cost to schools.

Ambition impressed us with the design of their programme, having already trialled the content across 50 schools. Their Executive Director for Design was also one of the architects of the ECF itself, alongside the EEF.


The DfE are introducing the ECF from September 2021 to support Early Career Teachers throughout the first two years of teaching. However, due to the impact of Covid-19 on ITT, they now want to offer additional support to more NQTs across the country in September 2020. 

We are eager to support NQTs starting their careers in our schools this September, and we want experts working in our schools to be the ones delivering training to Early Career Teachers and Early Career Mentors. 

How it works

When you sign up to the Ambition ECF expansion programme delivered by Red Kite TSH, your NQT will be entitled to:

  • 3-hour online orientation
  • Online conference
  • 6 x 90-minute online webinar clinics
  • 24 hours self study
  • 1 hour p/w mentor time
  • Access to Steplab bespoke platform. Accessible at any time, on any device, it provides participants with a core hub for study, coaching, progress tracking, notifications, reminders, and whole school performance dashboards.

As training will be delivered by Red Kite TSH and delivery partners, we will be able to tailor webinar clinics to suit schools’ timetables, group ECTs with others in their local area and/or specialism and enhance the programme with bespoke aspects to meet local need.

Additionally, mentors will receive:

  • 3-hour online orientation
  • Online conference 
  • 2 x 90-minute peer learning group webinars
  • 9 hours self study
  • 2 hours 1:1 peer coaching

What's next?

If you are interested in accessing this exciting opportunity, please complete the form here. The DfE is still clarifying how many NQTs will be eligible to access the ECF expansion, so we cannot guarantee all our NQTs will get a place. If we can demonstrate a high demand it will help, so please sign up even if you have not definitely recruited an NQT yet, or you simply want your mentor to access the training.

We are fast approaching the end of term and are keen to start training our delivery team and mentors in time to support ECTs in the autumn.

Appropriate Body

The ECF is a training programme, not an assessment programme, but all NQTs are still required to undertake Induction. The appointment of an Appropriate Body is a statutory requirement for the induction period and an NQT cannot start their induction until their Appropriate Body has been agreed.

Across the RK TSHub area, there are four school-based Appropriate Bodies you can access: 


Red Kite Alliance 

Swaledale alliance


Please consider choosing a school-based AB provider for your NQTs starting in Sept.

Red Kite TSH

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